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6 location ideas for your next shoot, including 2 I KNOW you've never thought of!

Sometimes my clients come to me with a specific idea in mind. They know exactly where they want to shoot, how they are going to style themselves, and what looks they want. But more often than not, my clients have a very general idea- nothing set in stone. That’s where I come in. From the very beginning I’m working with them to get a feel for their personality, their style, and finding out more about what they do and who they are so that I can help them with the little details.

Seriously, I LOVE this part.

One of the first details we settle on is the location of the shoot. If you look through my portfolio, you’ll notice I am rarely shooting in a studio. Not saying there’s anything wrong with a studio, I just have too many ideas running around in my head and like the freedom that shooting on location gives me. Give me a 10x10 outdoor space, or a funky loft apartment, and I can get you 10 completely different looks in 10 minutes. Being able to be creative is one of the biggest reasons I love what I do.

Whether it’s your engagement session, an #ootd update for your blog, or you are finally updating your headshot and brand imagery, take a moment and think outside the box. Here are some unique location ideas for inspiration.

  • Your home - This is a location that is often overlooked. What's more personal than shooting in your fabulous office at home. It makes sense to take photos in the place you use to plot how you are going to take over the world, right?

  • Museum – The Cleveland Museum of Art is beautiful and the grounds are big. I can shoot there three different times and never shoot in the same place twice.

  • Downtown – The beautiful buildings and busy street are a great backdrop if you want that big city vibe. Don’t be surprised if you make a new friend or two. Sometimes people see you taking photos and love to come up and give you words of advice or even hop in a photo. It makes for a fun time! (If downtown is toooo busy for you, you could always try an outdoor shopping plaza like Legacy Village.)

  • Restaurant or coffee shop – Two of my favorite places are Pour Cleveland and Stone Town. Management was very accommodating and welcomed us with open arms. I do not recommend that you just show up, though. Make sure you call ahead and speak with management to work out a time that will not be inconvenient for them.

Remember, I'm all about stepping outside the box. So here's two location ideas I know you have never even thought of.

  • Parking garage - OK, get that weird look off your face. Trust me. I'm not talking about the dark and dingy parking garages. Do a little exploring and find one that is clean and lets in a lot of light from the side. If you find one with cool accent colors, like the one below, you are golden!

  • - There are some fabulous high rise apartments and creative loft spaces throughout the Cleveland area. My advice on these is to check with the owner before booking to make sure they don’t mind that you are using the space for a photo shoot. I haven’t had an issue, but I always like to have all my ducks in a row so that my client has the best experience possible.

What’s a unique location you’ve shot at or want to shoot at? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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