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Labrae High School Senior:Keevon

Although Keevon is my little brother, we didn't grow up together. We actually never met until he was 6 or 7. I remember meeting this short little shy kid who took every opportunity to get on someone's nerves. He was sweet spirited, but because he was the baby of the family (by about 11 years) he could get away with just about anything, and he knew how to work the system. lol He was determined to see just how far he could take things before people went crazy.

That determined spirit carried over into other aspects of his life and made him the person he is today. Even at 7, he was determined to be the best at everything he did. When other kids were done with the pee-wee football season, Keevon was out running hills and sprints, going to camps, learning from the best. He always wanted to be faster, more coordinated, better than he was the day before. Really, he's great at everything he tries to do. Football, track, basketball, you name it and he'll probably end up in the paper. He is a leader. And it shows.

He is focused. Not only on the field, but in school. He works hard to do well in school and is loved by his teachers and classmates. He is the kid to stick up for strangers who may be getting picked on and I love that about him. He is kind, smart, funny, talented, and good looking (he get's that from his big sister).

He will be graduating from Labrae High School in a few weeks and this summer he will be off to college to start football training at Ohio University. I think this year will be the year I start watching college football. :) He's worked his butt off to get here and I know he'll continue to make his family proud.

Love you Keevon!


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