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Mother's Day Brunch With Pearl Flower Catering

Pearl Flower Catering's 2nd annual Mother's Day Brunch at Lake Affect Studios was nothing short of amazing! Fabulous food, music, a great atmosphere, and beautiful people. What's not to love?

The owner of Pearl Flower Catering, Tiwanna Williams, had a big vision. With the collective efforts of some of Cleveland's top event professionals, she was able to pull off a show stopping affair that people will continue to look forward to every year.

I was privileged to work with many vendors I already knew, but also had the pleasure of working with some new people. One perk to my job-getting to me other amazingly talented people who have perfected their craft.

Please be sure to leave a comment to let Tiwanna know what your favorite part of the event was and exactly how great of a time you had!


Check out the team that brought this event to life...

Videographer - James Southerland

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