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Ramat + McKinley's Wedding: Cleveland, OH

Ramat and McKinley were married in an intimate ceremony in one of the most unique venues I have ever been to. Burklehagen Food Photography studio, in Cleveland, OH, was more than perfect for this chef and photographer to celebrate their big day with the people closest to them. The entire day was laid back and everyone was so go with the flow. Family and friends started making their way in and immediately you could feel the love, and you could just sense that this day was going to be something special.

After the amazingly sweet ceremony, the music started and the party began. This beautiful couple wanted a day that was about all of the people in their lives, and that's exactly what it was. So many laughs, hugs, dancing, and smiles all afternoon. It was truly an honor to be in the room that day.

I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!


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