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Laeh + Roosevelt - A beautiful anniversary session: Cleveland, OH

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Laeh and Roosevelt in celebration of their anniversary! Laeh had a very specific idea in mind for their session and as soon as she told me, I ran with it. There is so much love in these photos, and I'm so happy they chose me to be the one to capture these moments.

I asked the couple to help me write this post, because I don't think anything I could write would have been anywhere near as beautiful as what they could say.

From the couple: "As we approach seven years of marriage, it is almost fitting that the Biblical meaning of the number seven is completion. Our story unfolds and one season of our life is coming to an end. We find ourselves embarking on a new journey together. The road has not been easy and our story is somewhat complex. However through it all we have tried to make sure our light shines bright on what a successful Kingdom marriage should look like. We invite you into our lives to share in our journey as one chapter closes and a new one begins. #2Strings3Strands.

"Kamron was able to capture Laeh's Vision to a T. We came away from our shoot overjoyed and even more in love with each other. We were anxious to see the outcome as Kamron gave us glimpses during the shoot of just how dope our shoot could possibly be. We were blown away by the final product and we hope you are too as you share in this amazing shoot.

"Our experience with Kamron was educational and phenomenal! The expertise of her talent was both welcoming and inviting, so much so that during our session it brought us even closer than we already are."


Laeh and Roosevelt, sitting in a tree.


First comes love...

...then comes marriage.

Then comes...

"We are so glad to share our announcement and tell our story through a nursery rhyme of our little faith baby we affectionately call 'our little mustard seed."'


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