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Turning your photos into ART! - Cleveland wedding and family photographer

High five to fall! We finally get to wear those booties we tucked away at the start of summer, we get to dress in layers, and of course the Starbucks #PSL. (Although I've recently fallen in love with their Chili Mocha!) Fall also means it's family photo time!!

What's the one thing we know to be true about photographs? Each photo is unique. We can never go back and relive a moment and capture it the same way. This is what is so amazing about what I do. I am a time-keeper. I literally record history. Your wedding day, your pregnancy, your family, the way they are right at that moment. I create heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation. Who didn't love going through their parent's wedding album to see the poofy dresses, big hair, and how young and in love they were? When you can see that the way your father looks at your mother hasn't changed in 28 years, don't you just get all the feels? <3

Thankfully, most of us have a camera in our back pocket at all times. We can bust out our phones and snap pretty nice photos whenever we want. But then what? I just checked-my camera roll has 7,443 images on it. I've texted a few of them to family and friends, updated my lock screen with my beautiful kids, and occasionally upload a few to my Facebook. That's about it. 98% of those photos won't even be seen past the time I take to review what I just captured. Sound familiar? And how many am I in? I'd say maaaaaaybe 2% - but that's another topic for another time.

Now when it comes to the photos I take with my professional camera, that's a different story. My kids are typical children of a photographer. They are so over my camera and I get no more than 5 minutes with them. So, when I am going to take nice photos, I plan ahead. Make sure they have something adorable on, get them outside, get my settings together ASAP and shoot away. I only need a few amazing, one of a kind, never gonna happen again, images. Notice a theme here? Quality over quantity! Once I have "the" photo, I do any editing needed and send it off to my printing lab to create a piece of art. My current favorites are my 10 x 10 canvases of both my babies above my TV! LOVE!!!

Having the mixture of cell phone photos to share with the world, and photos to share with my closest family and friends that visit me is so important. I plan on updating our artwork every 6 months or so and adding to our collection. 11 years from now, when my daughter is graduating high school, I'll be able to look on a real wall and see how she's grown-without relying on Facebook's, "On This Day" feature. Besides, Facebook could be gone tomorrow, and do I really want to not have any other way to remember these special times?

So, for the question of the day. When was the last time you created artwork with your family's memories?

Take a look at some of my past clients created with the images from their sessions! I seriously have the best clients and appreciate that they love and trust what I do. <3

Client photo:

Client photo:

Client photo:

Client photo:

***Don't forget, holiday/fall mini sessions are this weekend and I still have a few openings on Sunday, Oct 2. Click HERE for more details.

If a full, custom session is more your thing, and you want to create something beautiful for your home, please contact me so we can set up a consultation!

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